God Created Us To Be With Him

Who is God?

“In the beginning God…” The story begins with God, the Creator, Owner, and standard for all life. He is the first and main character of the story. Let’s get to know what He’s like:

“In the beginning God…” The story begins with God, the Creator, Owner, and standard for all life. He is the first and main character of the story.

He reveals quite a bit about Himself in Isaiah [40:11]-29

  • He is a gentle shepherd. He guides and protects.
  • Yet, He is All-powerful – able to hold the waters in His hand and weigh the mountains.
  • God is All-knowing – no one can teach Him
  • He is the Creator – bringing even the stars into being, and calling them by name
  • He is Everlasting – the Lord who does not become weary

From a vision that the prophet Isaiah had with God we learn the God is holy, Isaiah 6:1-3

  • This means that He is totally separated from His creation, and completely pure in every way. He cannot allow anything impure in His presence. He is righteous, perfect, and the standard of all morality.

Another place where we learn about what God is like is from John 17:5 and 24. This is Jesus (God the Son) praying to God the Father:

  • He is glorious – absolutely great in every way
  • He is relational – sharing His glory with Jesus, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • He is love – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit share perfect love and desire for us to
  • He is a Trinity – God is in Himself a perfect community; a family. This enables Him to love. There is One God (Deuteronomy 6:4), yet He exists in 3 distinct persons: the Father (John [17:24]), the Son (John 1:1-3,14), and the Holy Spirit (Acts 5:3-4).

God Created it All

In the beginning, God created the angels – powerful spirit beings made to be servants of God (Hebrews 1:7). He also created the stars, galaxies, planets, and the earth. He made light, sky, water, land, plants, the sun-moon-and-stars, sea life, birds, animals, and last – humans. He made man and woman in His image. This means that He gave them:

  • Intellect – the ability to think, reason, and learn
  • Creativity – the ability to rearrange raw materials to make beautiful art, innovate new ways of doing things, and express our love and wonder of God.
  • Free Will – the ability to choose to love God from our hearts
  • Conscience – the ability to innately know right and wrong
  • Love – the capacity to genuinely care for God and others more than ourselves
  • Equal Rights – He made us all diverse, yet equal in every way
  • Made to reflect God – He created us to look, think, and act like Him

We also see that God instituted marriage after He made humans. Eve was made from Adam’s side: an equal partner. She was created to be one who helps. She supports her husband as they work together. They are diverse, yet are to live as “one flesh,” in complete unity. This combination of unity and diversity can be seen in God’s character, the Trinity, in all of creation, the church, the family, and in marriage. The center of all God’s creation is Himself. We find that in the beginning, He made a perfect universe, a perfect earth, with perfect people, and He walked-talked-and lived with them in a perfect relationship. God created us to be with Him.