Life That’s Eternal Starts Now and Lasts Forever

  1. Eternal Life
    The word “eternal” means more than simply denoting a long period of time. It describes a quality of life. Jesus defines eternal life this way This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” – Jesus (John 17:3)

     This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” – Jesus (John 17:3)

    It is living in relationship with God.
  2. Results of True SalvationBorn Again and Regeneration

    When someone genuinely repents and trusts in Christ for salvation, a spiritual change occurs. They are “reborn” spiritually. When you were born from your physical parents, their nature was passed on to you. That nature is a “sin nature.” Similarly, when you first trust in Jesus, God in the person of the Holy Spirit gives you a new nature – His nature. Just like the sin nature has desires (that are only selfish), so too the new nature that is given by the Holy Spirit has desires. Only these desires are godly desires. This is the Holy Spirit making you spiritually alive, also known as “regeneration.” He also takes up residence inside you and you become God’s very temple.

    The Bible, Prayer, the Church, & the Lost

    As a new creation (spiritually), you’ll find that you will have a love for God and the things that God loves. Sin will become repulsive to you as the Holy Spirit convicts your heart. You’ll desire to know a God by getting in His word and to talk to Him through prayer. Given God’s great sacrificial love for us, you will also desire to lay down your life to bless other brothers and sisters in Christ – and to reach those that are still lost in the deceitfulness of sin. Life that is eternal is living in close relationship with God and His community.

    Fruit of the Spirit

    As you grow in His word and in fellowship with a community of believers, you will experience the fruit of the Spirit in your life: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. This will not come from God making things in your life how you want them to be. It won’t come through more money, a better job, or a relationship with another person. The Holy Spirit will teach you more about Christ’s love that you don’t deserve. His love will produce joy in your even when life is very difficult. Your peace with Him as a result of His payment on the cross will fill your heart. You can enjoy this peace at times when life is anything but peaceful. As you realize the many ways that you sin against God, His patience will be magnified in your eyes. As a response to His love for you, you’ll find yourself desiring to be patient like your Savior is patient with you. Out of love for your king, obedience and faithfulness will become what your heart longs for. There is much to learn, and eternal life now is a process of the Holy Spirit working in your life to become increasingly like Jesus. This is called “sanctification.”


  3. Forever 

    Your relationship with God begins at the point that you are reconciled to Him. When you repent and trust in Christ’s payment for your sin and believe in His resurrection, you are then “justified,” or declared right with God. Christ’s payment has then been applied to all of your sins, past, present, and future. At that time you are also given a new identity: a son or daughter of God. The Holy Spirit comes to live in you as well. God also blesses you with a future inheritance in Christ. This includes:

  • A guarantee that you will live with God forever in heaven
  • An eternity filled with God’s presence, love, peace, and joy without any sin, pain, or sorrow
  • A glorified self – free of all sin
  • A glorified body made like Christ’s resurrected body
  • A role in God’s kingdom
  • Rewards for ways you’ve served Jesus on earth while walking in the SpiritThis is a complete salvation. When we first put out trust in Jesus we get “justification” – freedom from sin’s punishment. As we grow to become more like Jesus in the life we experience “sanctification.” – freedom from sin’s power. When we are taken to Jesus when we die we will enjoy “glorification” – freedom from sin’s presence. All to the glory of God!